We love the humble pork scratching and specially the traditional, artisanal way they are prepared. Our products are hand cooked to perfection, by our small team of chef’s who know how to get the perfect golden crunch and the perfect crispiness from each batch.
The double cooking process has been perfected with different timings and temperatures to create two totally different textures and mouth feels – we’re proud to say our pork snacks are delicously unique with an easier bit than traditional pork scratching’s. 

The Real Pork Co. Golden Crunch uses pig shoulder rind to achieve just the right golden airy puffiness, we then liberally sprinkle with our no nasties scrummy seasoning. Being from the shoulder of the pig means there are no hairs on our products as well – bonus!

The Real Pork Co. Crispy Crackling uses traditional pork shank rind which has the best layering of rind and fat to create the tastiest of tasty pork crackling. Our Crackling put simply is an easier eating version of a traditional scratching. Our way of cooking means that we ensure there is no creamy fatty layer – bonus!