The British! Pork Scratchings, originating in the Black Country, right in the Midlands. Pork Scratchings are a food of the 1800s working classes, where cooking every part of the family pig was simply good housekeeping. By cooking the rind in it’s own fat either on the hob or in the oven and adding salt we found that this made for a delicious snack!

The Real Pork Co. Golden Crunch uses pig shoulder rind to achieve just the right golden airy puffiness and being from the shoulder means there are no hairs on our products as well – bonus!

The Real Pork Co. Crispy Crackling uses traditional pig shank rind which has the best layering of rind and fat to create the tastiest of tasty pork crackling.

Yes! Both our Golden Crunch and our Crispy Crackling are gluten free

A keto diet involves eating very low carbohydrates and high levels of fat, so yes the Real Pork Co. snacks are perfect.

• A 30g serving of The Real Pork Co. Golden Crunch typically has 8.4g of fat and 0.6g of carbohydrate
• A 45g serving of The Real Pork Co. Crispy Crackling typically has X,Xg of fat and X.Xg of carbohydrate 

Pigs, can be well, hairy! Whilst we work tirelessly to ensure that hairs are not present in our products the odd one may escape our quality inspections, sorry!

With everything, moderation is key. We recommend the Real Pork Co. snacks be eaten as a treat alongside a healthy balanced diet.

We use the natural ingredient pig rind in all of our pork crunch and pork crackling products. There is a lot of variation in the thickness and sizing of our rinds meaning that each batch of rind cooks slightly differently from the last. This natural variation we think adds a real charm to our snacks.

We source top quality rinds from across Europe.

Unfortunately we find that British rinds don’t give us the same quality results – there are differences in both climate and farming that make a marked difference to the end product quality.