The Real Pork Co was born in 1974 and we’re based in Tamworth, arguably the heart and centre of England. We are still a British family owned and run business with a passion for making deliciously traditional flavoursome savoury snacks, with a twist!

We love the humble pork scratching so much that we wanted to pay homage to it in our own unique way, so we’ve tweaked the recipe – but only slightly! All of our products are hand cooked in small batches with no added nasties – no artificial colours or flavours, gluten free and without MSG

Our Golden Crunch is double cooked, it’s second cook is a super hot flash cook, which creates a lovely airy bite for our Crunch snack.

This makes our Golden Crunch the easiest of eats and rather moreish too, perfect for on-the-go, lunch packs, or with your favourite tipple as well as being a great keto snack and cooking ingredient.

Our Crispy Crackling, is exactly that – crispy! We do love pork scratchings but for many the creamy fatty layer, well can be too creamy, and the crunch of a scratching, simply to crunchy! So our Crispy Crackling, uses the same quality shank rind as traditional scratching’s but we double cook them to deliver a crispy non fatty bite.